The PhD and Postdoc positions have been out as an integrated part of the work packages. Education has been an important part of MACROSEA to create a broad knowledge platform.

PhD candidates

  • Silje Forbord (NTNU, 2016-2020). "Cultivation of Saccharina latissima (Phaeophyta) in temperate marine waters; Nitrogen uptake kinetics, Growth characteristics and Chemical composition". Supervisor: Yngvar Olsen (NTNU), co-supervisor: Jorunn Skjermo (SINTEF Ocean).
  • Sanna Matsson (APN, 2016-2021). "Fouling of macro epibionts on cultivated Saccharina latissima (Phaeophyceae). In situ temporal and spatial variation". Supervisor: Bodil Bluhm (UiT), co-supervisors: Hartvig Christie (NIVA), Anna Metaxas (Dalhousie University).
  • Alexander Thomson (SAMS, 2016-2021). “Seascape genomics in the sugar kelp Saccharina latissima”. Supervisor: Michele Stanley (SAMS), co-supervisor: Kjersti Sjøtun (UiB).
  • Peter Søndergaard Schmedes (DTU Aqua) (DTU Aqua, 2016-2020). "Investigating methods for improved hatchery and cultivation of Palmaria palmata" Supervisors: Mette Møller Nielsen, Jens Kjerulf Petersen (DTU Aqua). Co-supervisor: Kjell Inge Reitan (NTNU).
  • Saifullah (NTNU) (NTNU, 2017-). Tentative title: Variation in growth and biochemical composition of sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) as an effect of different abiotic conditions and resource availability. Supervisor: Yngvar Olsen (NTNU), co-supervisor: Aleksander Handå (SINTEF).
  • Siv Anina Etter (NTNU) (NTNU, 2017-). Tentative title: Cultivation potential of brown macroalgae species integrated with open Salmon fish Aquaculture. Supervisor: Kjell Inge Reitan (NTNU), co-supervisor: Yngvar Olsen (NTNU). 


  • Renate Rimstad Bøe (2019) at NTNU: WP1 Seedling biology
    MSc-thesis: Investigation of important steps in Palmaria palmata cultivation
    Supervisor: Kjell Inge Reitan (NTNU), co-supervisor: Silje Forbord (NTNU/SINTEF Ocean) and Jorunn Skjermo (SINTEF Ocean).
  •  Andreas Eggesvik (2019) at NTNU: WP5 Seedling, Deployment and Harvest Technology
    MSc-thesis: Robot for automated seaweed deployment and harvesting
    Supervisor: Morten Alver (NTNU), co-supervisor: Torfinn Solvang (SINTEF Ocean).
  • Oliver Evans (2018) at The University of Akron: WP4 Marine modelling 
    MSc-thesis: Modeling the light field in macroalgae aquaculture.
    Supervisor: Shane Rogers (Clarkson University), co-supervisor: Ole Jacob Broch (SINTEF Ocean).
  • Guri Elilla Brodahl (2018) at NTNU: WP2 Sea Cultivation 
    MSc-thesis: The effects of variable environmental conditions on growth, nutritional state and protein content in cultivated S. latissima in Norway
    Supervisor: Yngvar Olsen (NTNU), co-supervisor: Silje Forbord (NTNU/SINTEF OCEAN).
  • Solveig Foldal (2018) at NTNU: WP2 Sea Cultivation 
    MSc-thesis: Morfologiske relasjonar til dyrka S. latissima ved tre stasjonar langs Norskekysten
    Supervisor: Yngvar Olsen (NTNU), co-supervisors: Ole Jacob Broch (SINTEF Ocean) and Silje Forbord (NTNU/SINTEF Ocean).
  • Vegard Rønning Dahlen (2018) at NTNU: WP2 Sea Cultivation
    MSc-thesis: Characterization of the initial ammonium uptake in Saccharina latissima: Possible implications for an IMTA system with intensive salmon farming.
    Supervisor: Kjell Inge Reitan (NTNU), co-supervisor: Siv Anina Etter (NTNU).
  • Tonje Næss (2018) at UiB; WP3: Genetics and disease 
    MSc-thesis: Analyses of population genetics of Saccharina latissima (sugar kelp) in Norway
    Supervisor: Kjersti Sjøtun (UiB), co-supervisors: Geir Dahle (UiB) and Lars Asplin (UiB).
  • Carina Norvik (2017) at NTNU: WP6 Sea Farms
    Sc-thesis: Scaling and simplified representation of aquatic vegetation in a steady flow
    Supervisor: Dag Myrhaug (NTNU), co-supervisors: Pierre-Yves Henry (NTNU) and Andreas Myskja Lien (SINTEF Ocean)
  • M Balasubramaniam (2017) at UiO: WP1 Seedling Biology
    MSc-thesis: Veksteksperiment av makroalger med kommersiell interesse; med hovedfokus på Palmaria palmata
    Supervisor: Stein Fredriksen (UiO)
  • Aires Duarte (2017) at University of Porto: WP1 Seedling Biology
    MSc-thesis: Optimization of seedling production using vegetative gametophytes of Alaria esculenta
    Supervisor: Isabel Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR/University of Porto), co-supervisor: Jorunn Skjermo (SINTEF Ocean).