Compiling existing knowledge
This task focus on reviewing existing, available data from other related projects and include this knowledge in the planning of this project.

Several projects studying weathering processes with oil-in-ice on a bench-scale, meso-scale (in flume/basins) and field experiments have been performed especially in US/Canada and Norway the last three years. Experimental design and results from thes studies have been implemented in the planning of oil weathering activities in this JIP

  • CEDRE (France); Arctic related bench/meso-scale oil weathering experiments, cold water - No ice.
  • SL. Ross (Canada) and DF. Dickins (USA) "Empirical weathering of oil in snow and ice funded by MMS, Alaska, USA.
  • UNIS "Oil weathering processes under Arctic conditions". Funded by the Norwegian Research Council and StatoilHydro;   

Published September 7, 2006

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