Statoil is an integrated oil and gas company with considerable international activities. Represented in 33 countries, it is engaged in exploration and production in 15 of these. The group’s head office is in Stavanger, Norway. .

At 31 December 2005, Statoil had 25,644 employees. Forty-nine per cent work outside Norway. The group is operator for 24 oil and gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf and accounts for 60% of all Norwegian petroleum production. As operator for 23 seabed facilities, Statoil is a leader in subsea production.

All Statoil’s activities affect the environment. Statoil’s research activities are central to achieving the goal of zero harm to the environment. We work on:

  • increasing knowledge about the impact of our activities and products on the surroundings
  • developing risk assessment tools
  • developing technology in order to reduce the risk of harm to the environment
  • developing fuels
  • renewable energy
  • energy-efficient solutions
  • carbon dioxide management
  • hydrogen

Statoil’s total research activities amounted to NOK 1,066 million in 2005 compared with NOK 1,027 million in 2004. Contact;

Published September 8, 2006


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