Publisert 16. juni 2009

PhD study

The PhD student Hamid Daiyan was engaged in the sub-project on mechanical response. He worked at SINTEF in Oslo and was supervised by Erik Andreassen and Frode Grytten at SINTEF and Harald Osnes at the University of Oslo. The PhD study was a collaboration with Plastal (Ole Vidar Lyngstad and Anna-Maria Persson).

The objective of the PhD study was to improve numerical predictions of mechanical response, in particular for impact loading, via improved material data and tests, and modified material models. Numerical simulations were performed with the software LS-DYNA. The experimental work focused on challenges related to mechanical testing (high strain rates, large strains, inhomogeneous stress states), as well as effects of processing (injection moulding) on the mechanical response.


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Hamid Daiyan in front of an injection moulding machine making bumper covers at Plastal.