The deadline for submitting papers for IPCAI 2016 has passed.

Submission site is:

  • Papers should be formatted for submission to the International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS). Detailed instructions with regard to paper format: Title page, Abstract structure, References, etc. can be found on the IJCARS site under "Instructions for Authors" tab.

    • LaTex: a style file is available from Springer's website. If you use this style file use the first option in the template as your document class, "one column (standard format).
    • Word: unfortunately, we do not have a word template. Your text will need to fit inside a 7.25"x4.5" (18.415 cm x 11.43 cm) region. Text font should be set to Times new roman 10 pt. Captions and reference font should be set to Times new roman 9 pt.
    • We encourage the use of the LaTex template for IPCAI 2016.

  • The file format for submissions is Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Other formats will not be accepted.
  • All papers should be submitted in IJCARS single column format.
  • The maximum number of pages for your submitted paper is 13 in single column format including abstract and references.
  • The review process is single blind.
  • Submissions should describe original work that has not been submitted to or accepted for another conference, nor is intended to be published in a journal before the IPCAI conference in June 2016.