Information for authors and attendees of IPCAI 2016

The goal of the conference format is to encourage constructive collegial discussion of the presented works and to actively engage the authors and attendees. This requires a significant effort on the part of the authors, which we expect all attendees to respect. Please do not work on your computer during the oral sessions, and yes we know the grant submission deadline is in a couple of days.

Please remember, IPCAI is not a venue for negative or destructive criticism.

Attendees and Authors

The program aims to provide all authors with equal opportunity to present their work and attendees to engage with the authors. The program flow consists of three phases:

  1. Short, five minutes oral presentations without discussion, all authors participating.

    After each session, attendees vote for the work which they would like to be presented and discussed at length. The top two choices proceed to the next voting phase.
  2. After every three short oral sessions we have a poster showing by all authors from these sessions. 
  3. After the poster session, attendees vote for the work which they would like to be presented and discussed at length from amongst the six which were selected in the previous three short oral sessions. The top three choices will present their work in the long oral sessions. 
  4. Long, 20 minutes oral presentation with ten minutes discussion, subset of presented works selected by the audience.

Author Instructions

Presenting at IPCAI requires a significant effort on your part which we greatly appreciate. The benefit to you is that you have the opportunity to discuss your work at length with experts in the field, gaining new insights and possibly new pathways forward with your work.

You will need to prepare two oral presentations (pdf or ppt 2011 or older format) and a poster:

  1. Five minutes oral presentation [all authors] - your goal is to convince the audience that they want to hear about your work at length.

    You will need to uploaded your presentation to a laptop provided on site (bring your laptop as a backup).
  2. Poster presentation [all authors] - engage with attendees discussing your work at length. Maximal poster sizes are: height 120 cm, width 90 cm.
  3. 20 minutes oral presentation [authors selected by attendees].

You may use your own laptop or the one provided on site.