Congratulations to the award winners at IPCAI 2016


NDI / IPCAI - Young Investigator Travel Award:

  • Parmida Beigi, Robert Rohling, Septimiu Salcudean, Gary Ng: "Spectral Analysis of the Tremor Motion for Needle Detection in Curvilinear Ultrasound via Spatio-temporal Linear Sampling"
  • Xiaofei Du, Maximilian Allan, Alessio Dore, Sebastien Ourselin, David Hawkes, John D. Kelly, Danail Stoyanov: "Combined 2D & 3D tracking of surgical instruments for minimally invasive and robotic assisted surgery"
  • Dongsheng Jiang, Yonghong Shi, Manning Wang, Zhijian Song, Demin Yao: "miLBP: A robust and fast modality-independent 3D LBP for multimodal deformable registration"

Siemens / IPCAI - Best Reviewer Awards:

  • Benjamin Frisch
  • Mohamed Hefny
  • Ralf Stauder

Philips / IPCAI - Best Paper Award:

  • Stamatia Giannarou, Menglong Ye, Gauthier Gras, Konrad Leibrandt, Hani Marcus, Guang-Zhong Yang: "Vision-based Deformation Recovery for Intraoperative Force Estimation of Tool-Tissue Interaction for Neurosurgery"
  • Esther Wild, Dogu Teber, Daniel Schmid, Tobias Simpfendörfer, Michael Müller, Ann- Christin Baranski, Hannes Kenngott, Klaus Kopka, Lena Maier-Hein: "Robust Augmented Reality Guidance with Fluorescent Markers in Laparoscopic Surgery"

Olympus / IPCAI - Bench to Bedside Award:

  • Marie-Aude Vitrani, Michael Baumann, David Reversat, Guillaume Morel, Alexandre Moreau-Gaudry, Pierre Mozer: "Prostate biopsies assisted by comanipulater probe-holder: first in Man"
  • Olga Dergachyova, David Bouget, Arnaud Huaulmé, Xavier Morandi, Pierre Jannin: "Automatic Data-Driven Real-Time Segmentation and Recognition of Surgical Workflow"


NDI / IPCAI - Young Investigator Travel Award

The purpose of the award is to help young investigators (including PhD and MSc students and junior researchers) with accepted papers at the IPCAI conference to attend the IPCAI/CARS conference. Students must request in advance the travel award, justifying why they need it. There will be 3 scholarships for IPCAI 2016. 

Each award covers up to $1,000 USD to partially cover expenses towards air travel in economy class, local hotel stay (3 stars or equivalent category), and IPCAI registration, based on the receipts.

A committee of IPCAI senior committee members will review requests and make a decision. Deadline for application: April 1st, 2016. Result will be announced by April 20, 2016.

Please send your resume (maximum 2 pages), the accepted paper title and its final PDF copy, a cover letter, and the traveling budget to Pierre Jannin () with the subject: [NDI/IPCAI Young Investigator Travel Awards, Nominee: Your Name].

Selection criteria include geographical location, financial reasons, scientific excellence and innovation (determined primarily based on the reviews you have received for IPCAI), in this order of importance.

Siemens / IPCAI - Best Reviewer Awards

The purpose of this award is to recognize the efforts and dedication of reviewers that provide outstanding evaluations of the manuscripts they are assigned. The Area Chairs nominate candidates that have reviewed at least 3 papers for IPCAI 2016. The winners are selected from the nominees by the Area Chairs and the Program Chairs.

Philips / IPCAI - Best Paper Award

There will be two awards in this category. The first award recognizes the best papers as scored by external reviewers, and Area Chairs. These papers will be shortlisted and an awards committee from the IPCAI Steering Committee and Area Chairs will select the winner and the runner uppers. The second award will be selected by the audience following the long presentations at IPCAI 2016.

Olympus / IPCAI - Bench to Bedside Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the efforts in translating IPCAI solutions to the clinical setting. Nominated papers should include clinical evaluation of a CAI technology, ideally on a large number of patients. Less emphasis is on technical innovation, rather on detailed evaluation. The award will be decided by the Program Chairs in collaboration with the General Chairs based on suggestions from the Area Chairs after review and presentations at the IPCAI 2016.