Invited speakers

Hongmei Yu - Dalian University (CH)
Gregory Jerkiewicz - Queens University (CA)
Annabelle Brisse - Eifer (FR)
Peter Strasser - TU Berlin (DE)
R.J. (Cobus) Kriek - North West University (SA)
Deborah Jones - University of Montpellier (FR)
Chang-Hee Kim - Korea Institute of Energy Research (KR)
Truls Norby - University of Oslo (NO)
Elena R Savinova - University of Strasbourg, CNRS (FR)
Marcelo Carmo - Forschungszentrum Jülich (DE)
Peter Blennow - Haldor Topsøe A/S (DK)
Nikolaos Lymperopoulos - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (BE)
Kathy Ayers - NEL Hydrogen / Proton Onsite (US)
Yu Morimoto - Toyota Central R&D Labs (JP)
Oliver  Posdziech - Sunfire (DE)

Poster session

Two poster sessions will be organised during the first two days of the conference in a room adjacent to the main conference hall. Detailed poster instructions will be available in good time before the conference.  


Download program overview (pdf)

Download detailed program (pdf)

Day 1 - Monday, 10 June 2019

08:40‐10:40: SESSION - PEMEL

  • 08:40 - To be announced
  • 09:00 Understanding electric current reversal phenomena in PEM water electrolysis cells
  • 09:20 Current density distribution as a function of PEM electrolyser flow‐field design by in‐situ neutron imaging
  • 09:40 Local measurement of anode current collector potential in a PEM water electrolyser
  • 10:00 Effects on performance of a temperature gradient in a segmented PEM electrolyzer
  • 10:20 Minimizing the Differential Cell Resistance of PEM Electrolysis Cells – A Hypothesis based on EIS Calculations

11:00‐12:40 SESSION  - AEL

  • 11:00 Surface and Materials Science, and Electrochemical Analysis of Nickel Materials
  • 11:20 Highly efficient anion exchange membrane water electrolysis and the role of KOH concentration
  • 11:40 Microstructural optimization of gas diffusion electrodes for high temperature and pressure alkaline electrolysis
  • 12:00 Porous Electrodes as Efficient Catalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
  • 12:20 Intensification of alkaline water electrolysis using 3‐D electrodes, forced electrolyte flow and pulsed voltage

13:40‐15:40 SESSION - SOEC

  • 13:40 Status of Sunfire's Large‐Scale High‐ Temperature Electrolysis
  • 14:00 Power‐to‐X activities at Haldor Topsoe: a stepping‐stone approach towards commercialization
  • 14:20 Status of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC) System Development at FuelCell Energy Inc.
  • 14:40 A 25 kW High Temperature Electrolysis Facility for Flexible Hydrogen Production and System Integration Studies
  • 15:00 Power‐to‐X with high temperature Solid Oxide Cells
  • 15:20 Enhanced Value of Renewable Energy via High Temperature Electrolysis

16:00‐18:00 SESSION  - Other

  • 16:00 11 years of FCH JU support to electrolyser development and demonstration
  • 16:20 PERIC's development on Power to Gas
  • 16:40 Effect of power quality on the specific energy consumption of water electrolyzers
  • 17:00 OxEon Energy Developments Targeting Synthetic Liquid Fuels Production Using Non‐Fossil CO2 as a Store of Renewable Energy
  • 17:20 Hydrogen from Molten Carbonate electrolysis for green steel production
  • 17:40 Towards an atomistic understanding of electrocatalytic partial hydrocarbon oxidation: theory and experiments synergies

18:00‐19:30 Welcome reception & Poster 1
19:30 Dinner

 Day 2 - Tuesday, 11 June 2019

08:20‐10:40 SESSION - AEL

  • 08:20 Catalyst Development for PEM and AEM Water Electrolyzer Anodes
  • 09:00 Operando X‐ray absorption investigations into the role of Fe in the electrochemical stability and oxygen evolution activity of Ni1‐xFexOy nanoparticles
  • 09:20 Oxygen evolution at porous Ni electrodes
  • 09:40 Tuning the efficiency of oxygen evolution catalyst with alkaline ions
  • 10:00 High performing and economic platinum group metal free anode catalysts for AEM and PEM electrolysers – Opportunities and Challenges
  • 10:20 Theory and Modelling of Oxygen Evolution on Nickel‐based Electrocatalysts

11:00‐12:40 SESSION - SOEC

  • 11:00 To be announced
  • 11:20 Advancement of reversible proton‐ conducting solid oxide cells at Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
  • 11:40 On the development of electrodes for tubular proton ceramic electrolysers for pressurized hydrogen production
  • 12:00 Scale up and integration of proton‐ conducting ceramics into multi‐cell stacks
  • 12:20 An Evaluation of High Temperature Water Splitting Systems using Protonic Ceramic Electrolyzers

13:40‐15:40 SESSION - PEMEL

  • 13:40 Low Temperature Water Electrolysis at Large Scale: A Comparison of Technology Benefits and Challenges
  • 14:00 REFHYNE – 10 MW PEM electrolyser for refinery
  • 14:20 PEM electrolysis development for enhancing renewable energy integration and advancing Power‐to‐X technologies
  • 14:40 Low temperature electrolysis, yet at higher temperature
  • 15:00 Degradation analysis at increased stressor level in PEM water electrolysis single cell
  • 15:20 System relevant Observation of Gas Crossover – Necessity of Mitigation Strategies

16:00‐18:00 SESSION - PEMEL

  • 16:00 Cobalt Platinum Bronze for an Active and Durable OER Electrocatalyst of PEM Electrolysis without Ir or Ru
  • 16:20 Improving the performance of low loaded PEMWE electrodes
  • 16:40 High performing PEMEC MEAs with (ultra)‐low PGM‐loading
  • 17:00 Low Temperature Electrolysis Advances at NREL
  • 17:20 Investigation on the Effect of Ionomer Loading and Catalyst Loading on Tantalum Carbide Support on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolyser Performance
  • 17:40 Direct membrane deposition – a novel membrane electrode assembly for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis

18:00‐19:30 Poster 2
19:30 Dinner

Day 3 - Wednesday 12 June 2019

08:20‐10:40 SESSION - SOEC

  • 08:20 – To be announced
  • 08:40 Cobalt substituted Lanthanide Nickelates (Ln2Ni1‐xCoxO4+δ, Ln = La, Pr; x=0, 0.1, 0.2): Impact on Electrochemical Performance and Stability as SOECs Oxygen Electrode
  • 09:00 Degradation Phenomena in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Fuel Electrodes
  • 09:20 Experimental analysis of SOE stacks under pressurized operation
  • 09:40 Recent Solid Oxide Electrolysis Research Highlights at DTU Energy
  • 10:00 Boosting the performance of reversible solid oxide cells by nano‐sized electro‐ catalysts
  • 10:20 Demonstration of reversible Solid Oxide Cell technology: results at cell, stack and system level

11:00‐12:40 SESSION - AEL

  • 11:00 Green Hydrogen Production by Alkaline Water Electrolysis
  • 11:20 – To be announced
  • 11:40 Aspen Plus model to simulate an alkaline electrolysis plant
  • 12:00 Intensification of alkaline electrolysis
  • 12:20 Alkaline water electrolysers providing grid services: stack performance and lifetime assessment of novel components

13:40‐19:00 Social program
19:00 Conference Dinner

Day 4 - Thursday, 13 June 2019

08:40‐10:40 SESSION - PEMEL

  • 08:40 - To be announced
  • 09:00 - To be announced
  • 09:20 Contamination Effects in Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolyzers Porous transport electrodes for PEM
  • 09:40 Porous transport electrodes for PEM water electrolysis: improved performance via studying materials interfaces
  • 10:00 The Role of Interface Properties and Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysis Performance
  • 10:20 High resolution and sub‐second Neutron imaging of porous transport layers of proton exchange membrane water electrolyser

11:00‐12:40 SESSION - AEL

  • 11:00 Physical vapour deposited electrocatalysts for electrolysis – an overview
  • 11:20 A New Class of Bubble‐Free Water Electrolyzer that is Intrinsically Highly Efficient
  • 11:40 Dynamic operation strategies and design criteria for alkaline water electrolyzers powered by renewable energies
  • 12:00 Polysulfone‐polyvinylpyrrolidone blend membranes in alkaline electrolysis
  • 12:20 Zirfon Perl: Advancing the H2 industry with superior electrolysis membranes

12:40 Closing of conference