Invited speakers

Hongmei Yu - Dalian University (CH)
Gregory Jerkiewicz - Queens University (CA)
Annabelle Brisse - Eifer (FR)
Peter Strasser - TU Berlin (DE)
R.J. (Cobus) Kriek - North West University (SA)
Deborah Jones - University of Montpellier (FR)
Chang-Hee Kim - Korea Institute of Energy Research (KR)
Truls Norby - University of Oslo (NO)
Elena R Savinova - University of Strasbourg, CNRS (FR)
Marcelo Carmo - Forschungszentrum Jülich (DE)
Peter Blennow - Haldor Topsøe A/S (DK)
Nikolaos Lymperopoulos - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (BE)
Kathy Ayers - NEL Hydrogen / Proton Onsite (US)
Yu Morimoto - Toyota Central R&D Labs (JP)
Oliver  Posdziech - Sunfire (DE)

Poster session

Two poster sessions will be organised during the first two days of the conference in a room adjacent to the main conference hall. Detailed poster instructions will be available in good time before the conference.  


Download programME overview (pdf)

Download detailed programME (pdf)

List of poster sessions (PDF) 

Day 1 - Monday, 10 June 2019

08:40‐10:40: SESSION - PEMEL

  • 08:40 - To be announced
  • 09:00 Understanding electric current reversal phenomena in PEM water electrolysis cells
  • 09:20 Current density distribution as a function of PEM electrolyser flow‐field design by in‐situ neutron imaging
  • 09:40 Local measurement of anode current collector potential in a PEM water electrolyser
  • 10:00 Effects on performance of a temperature gradient in a segmented PEM electrolyzer
  • 10:20 Minimizing the Differential Cell Resistance of PEM Electrolysis Cells – A Hypothesis based on EIS Calculations

11:00‐12:40 SESSION  - AEL

  • 11:00 Surface and Materials Science, and Electrochemical Analysis of Nickel Materials
  • 11:20 Highly efficient anion exchange membrane water electrolysis and the role of KOH concentration
  • 11:40 Microstructural optimization of gas diffusion electrodes for high temperature and pressure alkaline electrolysis
  • 12:00 Porous Electrodes as Efficient Catalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
  • 12:20 Intensification of alkaline water electrolysis using 3‐D electrodes, forced electrolyte flow and pulsed voltage

13:40‐15:40 SESSION - SOEC

  • 13:40 Status of Sunfire's Large‐Scale High‐ Temperature Electrolysis
  • 14:00 Power‐to‐X activities at Haldor Topsoe: a stepping‐stone approach towards commercialization
  • 14:20 Status of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC) System Development at FuelCell Energy Inc.
  • 14:40 A 25 kW High Temperature Electrolysis Facility for Flexible Hydrogen Production and System Integration Studies
  • 15:00 Power‐to‐X with high temperature Solid Oxide Cells
  • 15:20 Enhanced Value of Renewable Energy via High Temperature Electrolysis

16:00‐18:00 SESSION  - Other

  • 16:00 11 years of FCH JU support to electrolyser development and demonstration
  • 16:20 PERIC's development on Power to Gas
  • 16:40 Effect of power quality on the specific energy consumption of water electrolyzers
  • 17:00 OxEon Energy Developments Targeting Synthetic Liquid Fuels Production Using Non‐Fossil CO2 as a Store of Renewable Energy
  • 17:20 Hydrogen from Molten Carbonate electrolysis for green steel production
  • 17:40 Towards an atomistic understanding of electrocatalytic partial hydrocarbon oxidation: theory and experiments synergies

18:00‐19:30 Welcome reception & Poster 1
19:30 Dinner

 Day 2 - Tuesday, 11 June 2019

08:40‐10:40 SESSION - SOEC

  • 08:40 Performance and long‐term stability of electrolyte supported Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells
  • 09:00 Advancement of reversible protonconducting solid oxide cells at Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
  • 09:20 On the development of electrodes for tubular proton ceramic electrolysers for pressurized hydrogen production
  • 09:40 Scale up and integration of protonconducting ceramics into multi‐cell stacks
  • 10:00  An Evaluation of High Temperature Water Splitting Systems using Protonic Ceramic Electrolyzers

10:40‐12:40 SESSION - AWE

  • 10:40 Catalyst Development for PEM and AEM Water Electrolyzer Anodes
  • 11:20 Operando X‐ray absorption investigations into the role of Fe in the electrochemical stability and oxygen evolution activity of Ni1‐xFexOy nanoparticles
  • 11:40 Oxygen evolution at porous Ni electrodes
  • 12:00 High performing and economic platinum group metal free anode catalysts for AEM and PEM electrolysers – Opportunities and Challenges
  • 12:20 Theory and Modeling of Oxygen Evolution on Nickel‐based Electrocatalysts

13:40‐15:40 SESSION - PEMEL

  • 13:40 Low Temperature Water Electrolysis at Large Scale: A Comparison of Technology Benefits and Challenges
  • 14:00 REFHYNE – 10 MW PEM electrolyser for refinery
  • 14:20 PEM electrolysis development for enhancing renewable energy integration and advancing Power‐to‐X technologies
  • 14:40 Low temperature electrolysis, yet at higher temperature
  • 15:00 Degradation analysis at increased stressor level in PEM water electrolysis single cell
  • 15:20 System relevant Observation of Gas Crossover – Necessity of Mitigation Strategies

16:00‐18:00 SESSION - PEMEL

  • 16:00 Cobalt Platinum Bronze for an Active and Durable OER Electrocatalyst of PEM Electrolysis without Ir or Ru
  • 16:20 Improving the performance of low loaded PEMWE electrodes
  • 16:40 High performing PEMEC MEAs with (ultra)‐low PGM‐loading
  • 17:00 Low Temperature Electrolysis Advances at NREL
  • 17:20 Investigation on the Effect of Ionomer Loading and Catalyst Loading on Tantalum Carbide Support on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolyser Performance
  • 17:40 Direct membrane deposition – a novel membrane electrode assembly for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis

18:00‐19:30 Poster 2
19:30 Dinner

Day 3 - Wednesday 12 June 2019

08:20‐10:40 SESSION - SOEC

  • 08:20 – To be announced
  • 08:40 Cobalt substituted Lanthanide Nickelates (Ln2Ni1‐xCoxO4+δ, Ln = La, Pr; x=0, 0.1, 0.2): Impact on Electrochemical Performance and Stability as SOECs Oxygen Electrode
  • 09:00 Degradation Phenomena in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Fuel Electrodes
  • 09:20 Experimental analysis of SOE stacks under pressurized operation
  • 09:40 Recent Solid Oxide Electrolysis Research Highlights at DTU Energy
  • 10:00 Boosting the performance of reversible solid oxide cells by nano‐sized electro‐ catalysts
  • 10:20 Demonstration of reversible Solid Oxide Cell technology: results at cell, stack and system level

11:00‐12:40 SESSION - AEL

  • 11:00 Green Hydrogen Production by Alkaline Water Electrolysis
  • 11:20 – To be announced
  • 11:40 Aspen Plus model to simulate an alkaline electrolysis plant
  • 12:00 Intensification of alkaline electrolysis
  • 12:20 Alkaline water electrolysers providing grid services: stack performance and lifetime assessment of novel components

13:40‐19:00 Social program
19:00 Conference Dinner

Day 4 - Thursday, 13 June 2019

08:40‐10:40 SESSION - PEMEL

  • 08:40 - To be announced
  • 09:00 - To be announced
  • 09:20 Contamination Effects in Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolyzers Porous transport electrodes for PEM
  • 09:40 Porous transport electrodes for PEM water electrolysis: improved performance via studying materials interfaces
  • 10:00 The Role of Interface Properties and Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysis Performance
  • 10:20 High resolution and sub‐second Neutron imaging of porous transport layers of proton exchange membrane water electrolyser

11:00‐12:40 SESSION - AEL

  • 11:00 Physical vapour deposited electrocatalysts for electrolysis – an overview
  • 11:20 A New Class of Bubble‐Free Water Electrolyzer that is Intrinsically Highly Efficient
  • 11:40 Dynamic operation strategies and design criteria for alkaline water electrolyzers powered by renewable energies
  • 12:00 Polysulfone‐polyvinylpyrrolidone blend membranes in alkaline electrolysis
  • 12:20 Zirfon Perl: Advancing the H2 industry with superior electrolysis membranes

12:40 Closing of conference