Hipercap - high performance capture

Project structure
  • HiPerCap is a four-year project started 1st January 2014. The objectives of the project is achieved by implementing the work organized in five technical work packages (WP), as shown in the figure. Each WP and its tasks are designed to (partly) fulfil one- or several of the scientific objectives in the project.
  • Each of the three WPs 1-3 contains one task for modelling and simulation of the established concepts which will be further assessed in WP4.
  • Two of the most promising technologies will be further studied in WP5 and a roadmap will be established for demonstration of these two technologies.
  • In addition to the five technical WPs, there are three others:
    • WP6: Project management
    • WP7: Dissemination outside the consortium
    • WP8: Collaboration with an Australian partner

Published April 1, 2014

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