Hipercap - high performance capture

HiPerCap – High Performance Capture

HiPerCap aims to develop novel post-combustion CO2 capture technologies and processes which are environmentally benign and have high potential to lead to breakthroughs in energy consumption and overall cost. The project includes all main separation technologies for post-combustion CO2 capture; absorption, adsorption and membranes. For each technology the project is focusing on a chosen set of promising concepts (three for absorption, two for adsorption and two for membranes).

A key focus in HiPerCap is to demonstrate the potential of different capture technologies and compare the technologies on a fair basis. Two of the most promising concepts will be chosen for further studies towards the end of the project and a roadmap for demonstration will be outlined for these two concepts.

Workshop on Breaktrough Post Combustion Capture Technologies, September 13-14th 2017 

Duration: 1st January 2014 - 31st December 2017
Budget: 7.7 million Euro
Partners: 14
12 from 7 EU and associated member states
1 from Russia, 1 from Australia
FP7 Grant agreement n° 608555