HighEFF at Arendalsuka

HighEFF helt its own event at Arendalsuka, asking how the industry can contribute to an energy surplus in Norway.

Infrared sensor measuring heat coming out of a chimney, overlayed with the Arendalsuka logo

In 2021, HighEFF identified that surplus heat losses from the Norwegian industry amounted to about 20 TWh, representing nearly 10% of Norway's energy consumption. The Energy Commission has determined that for Norway to have a power surplus in the future, 20 TWh of its energy use needs to be freed up through energy efficiency.

The event sought to answer critical questions:

  • How can we achieve these energy savings?
  • To what extent can the Norwegian industry contribute?
  • At what pace can we expect these changes?
  • What roles do administrators and politicians play in this transition?

The discussion witnessed contributions from distinguished participants, including:

  • Karoline Ski from Polaris Media as the host
  • Petter Røkke, research director at SINTEF and director of HighEFF
  • Maren Aschehoug Esmark from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).
  • Marit Kittilsen, Director Climate at ERAMET.
  • Representatives from several Norwegian political parties, demonstrating the cross-party significance of this issue.

You can watch the recording of the event (in Norwegian) below:

Arendalsuka (lit. “Arendal’s week”) is a Norwegian political festival that takes place in August every year, in Arendal.