Referee from the HFC meeting 11 and 12 of May, 2021
HFC web møte 11.mai og 12.mai 2021 "New trends in holistic safety management –the gap between theory and practice (mind the gap)"

Thank you for your attendance at the WEB HFC meeting the 11th and 12th of May 2021 with the theme:  "New trends in holistic safety management, the gap between theory and practice (mind the gap)". 

Copies of presentations and papers is available at under the tab Meetings –  … A list of participants with contact information is at the same place. 

There were approximately 100 participants from:  ABB, Arbeidstilsynet, BP, CIRIS/ NTNU Samfunnsforskning, DNV, Drilling Global Consultant LLP, Eldor, Equinor, Eurocontrol , Gard, Griffith , HSE, Human Centred Design HCD, IFE, Jacobs UK, Kongsberg Maritime, Kystverket - Norwegian Coastal Administration, Lund Univ., Nice Industridesign, Nord Univ., Novellus, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU, NTNU - Institutt for design, NTNU Ålesund, Preventor, Petroleumstilsynet, Politihøgskolen, Ringhals- Vattenfall, Safetec, SAYFR, SINTEF, Sjøfartsdirektoratet- Norwegian Maritime Authority, Trafikverket, Transport-styrelsen , University of South-Eastern Norway-USN, University of Stavanger, Vår Energi, Vysus Group tildligere Lloyds, 

Attached, you will find papers, references to the material and relevant material mentioned in the meeting: 

  1. N. Dickety/HSE: The human contribution to risk in the UK Offshore Industry  
  • HSE OTO 1999 092: Human Factors Assessment of Safety Critical Tasks (se HSE) 
  • Energy Institute 2020: Guidance on Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (2nd Edition) free from Energy Institute 
  • HSE 2021: The Offshore Management of Human Factors Inspection Guide: 
  • M Hadfield, «Some Ergonomic Issues of DP Vessel Controls» Institution of Naval Architects,  Human Factors, 26th-27th September 2018, London, UK (see HFC) 
  1. B. Annan/BP: Turning theory into practice. 
  1. S. Winge/B. Mostue/Arbeidstilsynet: Ulykker i bygg og anlegg 
  1. J. E. Vinnem/NTNU: Øker faren for storulykker i olje- og gassindustrien - hva er utfordringene? 
  1. R. Glomseth/Police: Politiledelse i krevende tider, rasulykken i Gjerdrum 
  • Johannessen, S.O. og Glomseth, R. (2015): Politiledelse, konkret kapitel 7 «På sporet av politiledelse – styring og ledelse av politiet av Rune Glomseth. 
  • Aarset, M.V. & Glomseth, R.(2019): Police Leadership During Challenging Times i Albrecht, J.F., den Heyer, G. & Stanislas, P. (2019): Policing and Minority Communities, Contemporary Issues and Global Perspectives, Springer. 
  1. N. Anand/Novellus: Podcast Moving from reporting to conversation. 
  1. S. Dekker/Griffith: Foundations of Safety Science. 
  1. T. Soma/Sayfr: Turning failure into a benefit for everybody. 
  • See list of references in presentation & Soma, T. (2004). Blue-Chip or Sub-Standard?: A data interrogation approach to identify safety characteristics of shipping organisations. 
  1. S. Shorrock/Eurocontrol: Work as imagined and work as done: Mind the gap. 
  • EUROCONTROL (2013). From Safety-I to Safety-II. A White Paper. Brussels: EUROCONTROL Network Manager, September 2013.  
  • EUROCONTROL (2014). Systems Thinking for Safety: Ten Principles. A White Paper. Brussels: EUROCONTROL Network Manager, August 2014.  

International Civil Aviation Organization (2021). Manual on Human Performance (HP) for Regulators. First Edition (Advance unedited). Doc 10151. Montréal: ICAO. 

Published September 12, 2022

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