Workshop IV, 7 June 2006, Tampere
The forth FOBIS workshop was organized by VTT, which has been active in the area of biosensors for more than 20 years. The focus area for the research group at VTT is avanced systems for sensing phenomena at the molecular level. Molecular recognition is based on tailored coatings with functional molecules, and case-specific transducers. They are applied in immuno-, DNA-, and chemical sensors, and used in the fields of biomedical engineering, clinical diagnostics, as well as in monitoring the environment, industrial processes and food quality.

The purpose of the third workshop was to try to answer the question “How do we get there?” and discuss and establish technology premises and boundaries. Technology-driven scenarios were discussed and hands-on examples on sensor implementation in the healthcare sector were presented. Other topics for the workshop were to discuss and establish market enablers and restrictions and discuss the role of health care authorities and other public organs. The workshop included world-leading sensor experts and key stake holders and policy makers representing the health care sector and society.

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Published October 30, 2006

NICe project 2005-2006

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