FOBIS - Nordic Foresight Biomedical Sensors

How will biomedical sensors shape the healthcare systems of the future? How can they impact the quality and cost of healthcare and what are the business opportunities in the Nordic region?

A Nordic consortium headed by SINTEF  (Norway) and with the participants VTT  (Finland), FOI  (Sweden), S-SENCE (Sweden), STC  (Denmark) and MedCoast Scandinavia  has conducted a foresight study on Biomedical Sensors. The project has been supported by the Nordic Innovation Centre.

The project revolved around a series of workshops, the first was held in Copenhagen 6 - 7th Oct. 2005, the second in Oslo 2nd Nov. 2005, the third in Stockholm 3rd March 2006 and the fourth in Finland 7th June 2006.

The project report is now available for free! (download)

Project consortium

Partners in the FOBIS consortium come from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The participants in the project is 6 core partners (listed below) and a number of resource persons from Nordic companies and organisations that will participate and contribute to the project workshops (see appendix). People outside the Nordic region has also contributed to the project. The resource persons have been chosen for their competence and have close links to the partners in the consortium.


Project motivation

Biomedical sensors will be a central unit embedded in several health related applications and scenarios. By using micro- and nano-technology it will be possible to design small, smart, robust and costeffective sensors with a wide functionality.


NICe project 2005-2006

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