Project motivation
Biomedical sensors will be a central unit embedded in several health related applications and scenarios. By using micro- and nano-technology it will be possible to design small, smart, robust and costeffective sensors with a wide functionality.

Biomedical sensors will monitor important body functions and status (i.e. bloodsugar level, heartbeat rate, presence of toxic agents), and advanced algorithms adapted to each individual may trigger alarms when non-normal values are encountered. Chips implanted in the body will function as a constant on-board doctor, detecting diseases early and delivering drugs directly into the bloodstream.

We define a biomedical sensor as a device that provides information about the state of the human body or elements affecting the state of the human body. A biomedical sensor may be a biosensor. However, other sensors may also serve as biomedical sensors.

The biomedical sensors foresight project  has a broad perspective. Biomedical sensors will be studied for use in  Doctors office, Hospitals, Home, Public space and Biodefence.

Published October 30, 2006

NICe project 2005-2006

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