The FlexiMan project aims to develop manufacturing approaches based on Direct Energy Deposition (DED) processes and demonstrate their capabilities to improve designs and functionalities of three critical parts, with particular focus on reducing cost, lead time and environmental impact. The project has technological, economical and sustainable objectives.

Technological objectives:

  • To establish an overview of current standards and guidelines related to DED processes
  • To define the requirements for the industrial demonstrators according to class society guidance
  • To plan manufacturing process and qualification processes based on component requirements and class society guidance 
  • To optimize DED process parameters for industrial demonstrators
  • To perform qualification procedures of DED processes and produced components according to class society guidance 
  • To enable sustainable raw materials for DED by developing recycling process of grinding waste and to optimize DED process parameters for recycled powder. 

Economic objectives:

  • To optimize DED manufacturing process for reduced manufacturing cost and lead time
  • To enable low-cost raw material for DED process 
  • To evaluate DED processes Versus conventional processes in term of component performance, cost & lead time

Sustainable Oobjectives:

  • To develop recycling process to improve circular economy of maritime industry, 
  • To evaluate DED manufacturing processes VS conventional processes in term of suitability and environmental footprint