Note: The program is preliminary and subject to change.

Lecturers & lecture material

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Poster Session: The 2013 winter school will include a poster session in which participants are invited to share their recent research projects with each other. Posters are not limited to the winter school topic, but can be on any topic in eScience. The poster session will include light refreshments.

Detailed Program

ARB: Welcome & Introduction
ARB: Overview of reproducible science

FP: Version control for fun and profit: the tool you didn't know you needed. From personal workflows to open collaboration
JSE: Test Driven Development
FP: IPython: tools for a reproducible approach to the lifecycle of computational research.

JSE: Continuous Integration and advanced testing
FP: IPython and scientific computing: integration with the rest of the Scientific Python ecosystem.
JSE: Software testing in practice with exercises

FP: Fundamentals of software engineering: The art of building robust and comprehensible software.
RB: Introduction to verification and validation
ARB: The limits of reproducible science
Poster session

RB: Verification and Validation (details TBA)
JSE: Intellectual property rights and using the cloud for reproducible science
RB: Verification and Validation (details TBA)

ARB: Advanced topics in reproducibility (details TBA)
Panel on reproducible science
End after lunch

Published December 2, 2012