This years winter school will be given by four distinguished researchers. Rasmus E. Benestad is a Senior Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and author of several scientific books, André R. Brodtkorb is a researcher at SINTEF, Johan S. Seland is the leader of the Heterogeneous Computing research group at SINTEF, and Fernando Perez is a researcher at U.C. Berkeley and the creator and lead developer of iPython.

Rasmus Benestad

Senior Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Webpage: http://met.no/Forskning/Vare_forskere/Rasmus_E_Benestad/
Email: rasmus.benestad@met.no  
Short BIO: Dr. Rasmus E. Benestad is a physicist by training and works as a senior scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no). He earned a D.Phil in physics from Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics at Oxford University (U.K.), a M.S. in physics (cloud micro-physics) from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (U.S.A.), and a B.Sc. (Hons) in physics and electronics from Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology (now University of Manchester, U.K.). He is currently a member of the RealClimate.org group.
Recent work has involved analysis, statistics, research on local/regional climate, and seasonal predictability, but past experience also include ocean dynamics/air-sea processes and cloud micro-physics. Dr. Benestad is the author of the book 'Solar Activity and Earth's Climate' (2002), Praxis-Springer, and co-author (together with Deliang Chan and Inger Hanssen-Bauer) of 'Empirical-Statistical Downscaling', World Scientific Publishers. He is also the project leader of the Norwegian Research Council project SPAR.

Dr. Benestad was a member of the council of the European Meteorological Society for the period 2004-2006, representing the Nordic countries and the Norwegian Meteorology Society. Other memberships include the Institute of Physics (AMINSTP), and the American Geophysical Union.


André R. Brodtkorb