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WP3 Intensive Qualitative Study

Intensive Qualitative Studies of Activity Limitations and Access to Healthcare

WP3 will investigate the experience of health service users, health service non-users and health service providers. This WP will provide an in-depth description of what is happening when people are using the health care services (users), why certain people are not using the health care services (non-users), and how providers understand their and the health system’s role in providing equitable and universally accessible health care. In-depth descriptions will include people’s understanding of what they see as the important factors that determine access to health care. The hypotheses derived from these personal impressions will then be formally tested in WP4 using more extensive quantitative methods with a much larger sample. Data collection techniques will include in-depth interviews, observations of users experiences in accessing health care, facility reviews and focus group discussions.  The data from these different collection methods will be integrated into an exploratory model of the interactions between the different factors as well as providing a means to understand the relationships observed in the household survey data (see WP4).

Method development in South Africa October 2009

Contact / Work Package leader:

  • Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Department of Psychology:

Published August 17, 2009

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