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WP2 Review and Analysis of Health Policies
Documentary analysis of international and country-level health policy will identify health policy aspirations and challenges; along with opportunities for alignment and harmonisation, between different stakeholders. Policies to be examined include those from the EU, WHO, Word Bank and other UN and multilateral organizations. They also include NGO policies, donor government policies and ‘in-country’ government policies. Furthermore, health policies, documents operationalising health policies and programme evaluations of health care from the four target countries in Africa will be collated.

Ahfad team     Ahfad team

(WP2 leader team from Ahfad University for Women, Sudan)

The policy documents will be analysed to examine whether issues related to universal and equitable access to health care and persons with disabilities are addressed. A framework of analysis will be developed that allows us to assess the degree to which activity limitations are considered in the promotion of accessible healthcare. This analysis will not only examine if any of the core concepts of disability policy are contained in international policy documents, but recommend a way forward for the inclusion of these in the future.

Description of work:

  • Establish inclusion and exclusion criteria for review of international, regional and country level health policy publications.
  • Source the relevant documents at country, regional and international level.
    Use a standardized formal framework, based on best practices principles of systematic review, to review and analyses the above documents.
  • Produce a bibliography of relevant documentation, annotated with brief summaries.
  • Produce individual country reports about the four target countries in the project (i.e. Namibia, Sudan, South Africa and Malawi).
  • Consolidate the above reports into one report and undertake comparative analysis and interpretation.
  • Document, summarize and disseminate the findings 
  • Inform other work packages

Contact / Work Package leader:

  • Ahfad University for Women, Sudan:

Published August 17, 2009

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