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WP1 Project Management
EquitAble is a four-year collaborative project that brings together several teams comprised of both leading and upcoming researchers, from two European and four African countries. This strong consortium, with established project management and research credentials, is managed by the Project Coordinator at Trinity College Dublin. The project has a Project Management Group comprised of the Project Coordinator and each Work Package Leader. A regional Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO) will also have a representative on the Project Management Group. Work Package Leaders will coordinate their activities through each of the four Country Coordinators, where the research will be undertaken.

Project Management Group:

Project Coordinator (WP1): Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Global Health:

  • Project Manager:
  • Project Officer:

Work Package Leaders:

  • WP2: Ahfad University for Women, Sudan:
  • WP3: Stellenbosch University, Department of Psychology, South Africa:
  • WP4: SINTEF, Global Health and Welfare:
  • WP5: Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Global Health:
  • Regional Disabled People‚Äôs Organisation: The Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities:


Country Coordinators:

  • South Africa:
    Stellenbosch University, Department of Psychology and the Centre for rehabilitation Studies, South Africa:  ,  and
  • Malawi:
    University of Malawi Centre for Social Research:
  • Namibia:
    University of Namibia Multidisciplinary Research and Consultancy Centre:   
  • Sudan:
    Ahfad University for Women, Sudan:

Published August 17, 2009

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