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Mannan, H., Amin, M., MacLachlan M. & the EquitAble Consortium. (2011). The EquiFrame Manual: A tool for Evaluating and Promoting the Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups and Core Concepts of Human Rights in Health Policy Documents. Dublin: Global Health Press. Download the manual. 

WP3 Integrated report: This is a consolidated report for WP3 of the EquitAble project. The report contains data from Malawi, Sudan, Namibia and South Africa. Download the report.


The EquitAble project has contributed to several degrees at masters and PhD level:

Janis Kritzinger, MA Psychology, Stellenbosch University (2011): Exploring the barriers and facilitators to health care services and health care information for Deaf people in Worcester.

Surona Visagie, PhD Health Sciences Rehabilitation, Stellenbosch University (2015): Disability and health care access in an isolated quarter of the Karoo.

Richard Vergunst, PhD Psychology, Stellenbosch University (2016): Access to health care for persons with disabilities in Madwaleni, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Stine Hellum Braathen, PhD Psychology, Stellenbosch University (2016): 'No one bothers about the confused people': Care for people with psychosocial disabilities in rural South Africa.

Published June 4, 2012