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Efficiency through user involvement

EFFIN is a research project focusing on user-centred methods for development of public sector electronic servies - or eGovernment services.

In EFFIN we have investigated methods for user-centred development of eGovernment services. The majority of this work has been conducted in association with concrete development cases, such as the development of an electronic mail journal for public sector communications and electronic health care services.

The project includes work on evaluation of relevant user-centred methods, and studies of scenario-and foresight methods for public sector development.

We have also conducted investigations regarding political intentions and decisions regarding user-centred development of eGovernment services.

Finally, we have arranged a number of national and international workshops, and published our work in academic journals, books and conferences.

EFFIN runs in the period 2002-2007, and is financed through the Norwegian research council program FIFOS.

Publisert 9. november 2007