• Technical Workshop "Design and construction for coastal and arctic regions"
    20th of June 2017 Trondheim/Fornebu, Norway

  • Nordic mini-seminar “Crack width calculation methods for large concrete structures”  
    29th – 30th August 2017 Oslo, Norway

  • Nordic workshop "Determination of relative humidity in concrete"
    7th – 8th November 2018 Trondheim, Norway

  • International Workshop & Nordic mini-seminar "Structural lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC)"
    20th February 2019 Trondheim, Norway

  • International Workshop & Nordic mini-seminar "Concrete in Arctic Conditions"
    18th- 19th June 2019 Trondheim, Norway

  • Nordic mini-seminar "Design and construction of sustainable concrete structures: Causes, calculation and consequences of cracks"
    16th- 17th October 2019 Oslo, Norway