3B, Polynt and Hexcel have joined in a European Research and Innovation project to develop fracture resistant glass fibre – vinyl ester composites.

Photo: HiMax™ NCF, ©Hexcel

3B Fibreglass, Polynt and Hexcel have joined with 10 other partners from end users, research organisations, ecology, certification and business development in the European Research and Innovation project DACOMAT (Damage controlled Composite Materials). The role of the three materials companies is to develop glass fibre – vinyl ester composites with high interlaminar fracture resistance. Technically this is to be achieved by enhancing the capability of the materials to form interlaminar fibre bridging that provides a high fracture energy. To succeed in this 3B, Polynt and Hexcel have formed a close cooperation to develop of resin, fibre qualities and fabrics. The overall scope of DACOMAT is to use the fracture resistant composites to provide improved damage tolerance and damage prediction for large structures like wind turbine blades, bridges and other constructions.

The DACOMAT project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under GA No. 761072

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