A new pedestrian bridge is to be constructed in the city of Skien, Norway. The bridge has a liftable midsection to allow ship passage. The liftable section of the bridge will be a composite structure engineered by DACOMAT partner FiReCo. The side spans will be constructed in concrete by Johs Holt. The light composite solution allows the liftable section to be constructed without counter weights that will interrupt the view of the city.

Klosterøya bridge connecting two sides of the city Skien in Norway, will be built in concrete and composite structure. Illustration: Johs Holt and Multiconsult

The decision of use of concrete and composite is a result of an evaluation of design concepts for the structural sections with various materials as concrete, steel and composites. This evaluation provides a useful basis for assessment and comparison of the LCA & LCCA of different solutions. A workshop has been held with DACOMAT partners (SINTEF, FiReCO, JCH, Carbures, DNV-GL, Ayming) The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and stakeholders for the Skien bridge (community representative and engineering responsible Johs Holt). The workshop addressed pros and cons of composites in bridge constructions. It was agreed that data from the concept phased could be shared for comparative LCA & LCCA studies that will benefit both DACOMAT and the Skien bridge project partners. The LCA & LCCA work will be carried out by JCH with input from FiReCo and Johs Holt.


Klosterøya bridge with the liftable section open. Illustration: Johs Holt and Multiconsult