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ConZerW - Construction site Zero Waste

The main objective of ConZerW is to achieve waste-free construction sites by developing digital process tools, which enables to track the source of waste from construction activities, implement potential optimization measures and evaluation methods, that support collaboration between partners in planning, procurement and logistics activities related to the construction site. 

The project will be based on qualitative and quantitative research strategy to solve practical problems by using existing industry knowledge while contributing to new research. The project is expected to provide a competitive advantage when stricter waste reduction requirements are introduced in the near future, as well as helping to strengthen the partners' environmental profile in the customer market.

Main research questions that will be addressed in the project

  1. What is waste free construction site? What is the level of waste-free construction site ambitions for the actors in the construction industry? What new solutions and working methods can help to realising this ambition?
  2. How can optimization systems that reduce waste by means of tracking resource flows and efficient information excahnge in the value chain be developed?
  3. How one can quantify and evaluate whether waste-free solution contribute to real waste reduction, increased profitability and emission reductions in the value chain?

In addition, the feasibility of the project results will be demonstrated in a full-scale pilot, and the findings will be communicated with interested actors including builders, contractors, suppliers, politicians and the media.


About the project

Duration: 2020-2024

Funding: ca. 50% from the partners and ca. 50% from The Research Council of Norway, in R&D support for innovation projects for the Industry sector through the programme for "User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA)

Partners: Skanska Norge (the project owner), Skanskas's own supplier of prefabricated modules, Skanska Husfabrikken,  the construction product chain Optimera and the waste contractor Norsk Gjenvinning. SINTEF AS, with expertise in optimization, economic analaysis, construction process, climate and environmental analysis is the project leader and research partner.