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Computational Geometry

Computational geometry is the research field that relates to the shape, description, and properties of physical objects. SINTEF Oslo has been a key player in this field for five decades. Our research combines computer science, mathematics, approximation theory, and numerical analysis with deep knowledge of application domains. Below, you can find highlights from our activities.



Coordination of Marie Curie Initial Training Network SAGA

SAGA (2008-2012) is  is aimed at training young researcher in applied and algebraic geometry. The network comprises 5 university partners, 3 research institutes and 2 IT-companies. The coordinator is SINTEF Chief Scientist Tor Dokken, Read more..


Isogeometric Representation

The introduction of Isogeometric analysis in 2005 by Prof. Tom Hughes  has trigger a major research effort to extend spline technology has to from curves and surfaces to volumes. Read more..

University Cooperation on Spline Technology

The spline research in SINTEF has it roots in the first spline course lectured (1976) at the University of Oslo (UO) by Prof.  Tom Lyche, and  is now a integral part of the spline research at UO's Centre of Mathematics for Applications. Read more..

Spline Software Toolkits

From the start of our work on polynomial splines in 1978 our ambition has been to make available our research results and technology through the development of Software Toolkits. Read more..

Semantics and Shape

The world is to an increasing degree described as 3D objects in computers. These descriptions carry much knowledge. However, the programs handling the knowledge communicates to a limited degree. Knowledge in one system is not accessible from another system. Read more..

Intersection Algorithms

Our first intersection algorithms based on recursive subdivision of spline curves were implemented in 1980. Our work continued to surfaces in 1984. In 2005 we had progressed to surface self-intersections. The next steps will be to address intersection challenges posed by isogeometric analysis related to rational trivariate splines. Read more..

Applied Algebraic Geometry

Combining parametric and implicit representations is important when making efficient algorithms for Computer Aided Design (CAD).
Read more..

Splines and CAD

SINTEF in Oslo has addressed CAD-related challenges for five decades. Now the research is concentrated on advanced representation and processing of geometry with a focus on spline technology. Read more..


Locally Refinable Splines over Box-Partitions

Preprint of paper click here.

4 lectures on Locally Refined B-splines from the CIME Summer School on Isogeometric Analysis

Presentation LR B-splines and Linear Independence