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The first onshore injection of CO2 in Norway was performed during last week at the CO2 Field Lab.

About one tonne of CO2 was injected at 20 meters depth and the movement of the gas was monitored.


Chief scientist Erik Lindeberg at SINTEF, and Svein Staal Eggen from Gassnova inspects the monitoring of the CO2 during the shallow injection which was finisheded last weekend.



More background measurements before the injection. On this picture you see equipment for measuring CO2 concentrations.



Background measurements before the injection is started. On the picture you can see people from BGS putting up equipment for measuring CO2 concentrations in the air. This equipment measures eddy covariance.



A 20 meter deep, 45 degrees inclined, CO2 injection well is completed. Next step will be to complete the associated monitoring installations during August. The CO2 injection is scheduled for September.



The drilling reached the final depth of 333 meters monday afternoon. The operation has been conducted smoothly and according to plan. Several geophysical measurements (logging) were performed in the borehole covering the 200 to 330 meters depth during monday night. The drilling operation is now concluded and all drilling and logging equipment has been removed from the site.
The data collected during the drilling operation is now being analysed. All the information will be considered for the go/no-go decision to be taken in October.




Yesterday afternoon, the drilling reached 200 meters without experiencing any larger difficulties between 100 and 200 meters. Several geophysical measurements were performed in the borehole during night to Tuesday. The borehole will today (Tuesday) be drilled to a larger diameter and casings will be inserted down to 200 meter tomorrow (Wednesday).




We have now successfully drilled down to 100 meters and are currently putting in casings to avoid a possible hole collapse. Next we plan to drill down to 200 meters starting sunday afternoon/monday morning.

The drilling progress is going at a steady pace and we expect to reach 200 meters during next week.

In this picture you see some of the casings used to strengthen the borehole.


A major day for the project as the drilling now officially has started. In this picture you see the drilling rig from the west.

In this picture you see the drilling rig from the south.

Driller Jan Funk from Brøker drilling company standing next to the drill bit.

Lena Evensen from Ruden Ltd. logging mud at drilling startup.


Representatives from the project held a meeting with authorities from Hurum local municipality, explaining the project. In this picture you see (from left) Cecilie Hageby, Svelviksand AS, Henning Hjelm Hansen, Brøker drilling company, Sverre Wittrup & Morten Dyrstad, Hurum local municipality and Eyvind Aker, NGI.


The drilling rig for the appraisal well has started being assembled on the site. In front of the the drilling rig, you see (from left) Frithiof Ruden, Ruden Ltd., and Thomas Brøker, Brøker Drilling company.


An HSE startup meeting was held with all contractors and SINTEF representatives. An HSE and risk analysis was thouroughly discussed. In the picture, you see (from left) Martin Munk, Jan Funk, Henning Hjelm Hansen and Thomas Brøker from Brøker drilling company. 


Final drill position for the appraisal well is pointed out.



Published June 15, 2010

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