Project partners


Partner name

Core business

Main role in the project

SINTEF Petroleum Research R&D Partner with industry and the public sector in petroleum technology Management and technology provider
WesternGeco/SSR Oil & Gas, CO2 storage Seismic data acquisition and interpretation
Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) Research and consultancy within the geosciences Technical site coordination & permit compliance
BRGM Geosciences / public service for risk evaluation Monitoring, modelling, dissemination
Schlumberger Carbon Services CO2 storage Technology provider for storage site management
Bureau Veritas Certification Development of protocol and certification
BGS Geosciences / all areas requiring geoscientific advice Monitoring / dissemination
GĂ©osciences Montpellier Geosciences research Lab and in-situ measurements. Data analysis
imaGeau Hydrogeophysical instruments and services Downhole electrical monitoring array


Project consultants

University of Oslo Communication consultant
   Ruden AS   Drilling consultant
Norconsult HSE & contracting consultant

Published January 27, 2010