Relevance to EUROGIA+ Core competences

CCS is highlighted in the EUROGIA+ White Book as an essential component for fighting climate change and potentially bringing mitigation solutions to the impact of anthropogenic CO2 production. The CO2FieldLab project aims to be a building block in the foundations of future CCS activity. Moreover, this project represents the first worldwide attempt to monitor and model CO2 plume migration from the injection point up to the surface.

CO2 Field Lab is an international collaboration (Norway, France, UK), assembling within the consortium international organisations with an acknowledged track record and worldwide reputation in this field, in order to achieve the given technical objective.

At this very crucial time for the CCS business to emerge and develop, this project have the full support from Public Authorities in sharing the financial risks (thanks to Norwegian and French funding). The partners are fully committed to working together with the Public Authorities in order to cultivate Public Acceptance for a solution that is one of the most promising and highly developed to effectively combat climate change.

Published March 15, 2010

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