" .......is to develop a low cost and efficient electrolyser stack and balance of plant (BoP) that will become a game-changer for the electrolyser industry"

The goal is to construct an AEM electrolyser unit using low cost materials: non-PGM electrocatalysts, porous transport layers, current collectors, bi-polar plates, state-of-the-art anion exchange membranes and ionomers.  This will enable the development of an electrolyser technology at a capital cost (CAPEX) equal or below classical alkaline electrolysis. However, in contrast to the alkaline technology, the CHANNEL AEM electrolyser will have an efficiency and current density operation close to the one of proton exchange membrane electrolyser (PEMWE).  

The CHANNEL stack will not only result in decreased electrolyser part count, but it will also be able to operate at differential pressure, as well as under dynamic operation, optimal for producing high quality, low cost hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

CHANNEL Ambitions