Development of the most Cost-efficient Hydrogen production unit based on ANioN exchange membrane ELectrolysis

The CHANNEL project brings together world-leading and highly experienced industrial and research partners with AEM electrolyser expertise to design, construct, and test a cost-efficient, 2 kW AEM water electrolyser stack and balance of plant able to operate at differential pressure. The electrolyser stack will be based on low-cost materials, including non-PGM electrocatalysts, porous transport layers and bipolar plates, performing at < 1.85 V per cell at 1, using diluted KOH electrolyte at a system capital cost of < 600 EUR/kW.

In acheieving this we would have developed the world's most cost-efficient electrolyser stack and balance of plant (BoP).  Which will represent a technological step-change for the electrolyser industry.                                 

FCH-02-4-2019: New Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers

Duration: 2020-2022 
Total budget: 2 M€ 
Technology Readness Level: TRL2 to TRL3
Project co-ordinator: SINTEF