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Smallmatek - Small Materials and Technologies, Lda. is a R&D company that is focus on the production and development of multifunctional additives for incorporation in 'smart' coatings used in Aeronautic, Automotive, Maritime and Construction industries. SMT is also dedicated to the monitoring, characterization and co-development of coatings for corrosion and biofouling protection, using new and innovative nanotechnology solutions. These technologies include controlled release of active species from smart micro- and nanocontainers.We are also committed to environmentally sustainable practices, throughout the assessment of the safety, toxicity and environmental impact of all micro- and nanomaterials produced by SMT or by our customers. Headquartered in Aveiro (Portugal), Smallmatek is intended to be an effective provider of know-how to national and international industrial players to generate high-value products, thereby fostering the growth of economical activity in specific branches of the market (corrosion, fouling and coating technology).

Full name of the organization: Smallmatek
Short name of the organization: SMT
Address: Smallmatek - Small Materials and Technologies, Lda., Rua dos Canhas, Aveiro, 3810-075 Aveiro, Portugal
Contact person: Diogo Mata/Frederico Maia
Telephone: +351 234024781/+351 918509398
E-mail address: /

Transmission electron microscopy image of carbon nanotube
Scanning electron microscopy image of layered double hydroxide