Subsuplier of MAIER

Subsuplier of MAIER, IK4-CIDETEC Technology Centre is a member of IK4 Research Alliance, an expert in the generation and transfer of knowledge and technology in the fields of materials, surfaces and energy:Surface Engineering: Cleaning and preparation, Protection, Functionalization, Smart tribology and Personalized aesthetics.Advanced Polymers and Composites: Composites 4.0, Smart windows, Multifunctional polymers (ultralubrification, conductivity, scratchproof, SLIP technologies and self-repairing).Energy Storage: Advanced materials for lithium ion batteries, Lithium-ion post technologies, Modules and battery packs, Modelling and design of storage systems.Health: Health monitoring/clinical diagnostics, Quality control and food safety, Nano and micro formulation for drug delivery and release of active ingredients (and in vivo diagnosis), Hydrogels for regenerative medicine, and Multifunctional bioactive coatings for medical devices.The Centre's fundamental mission is to increase companies' capacity for innovation and competitiveness through the development of new products and processes working as strategic partners of their customers, helping them define their innovation strategies and generating knowledge and technological solutions that offer them added value.To achieve these objectives, IK4-CIDETEC is committed to excellence in their work, the development of a cohesive team of motivated and highly skilled personnel, and active collaboration with other technology partners at both national and international levels.The centre currently counts on a staff of 135 employees, of whom 95% are university graduates and 50% doctors. The Foundation's turnover for 2015 was 10 M€.IK4-CIDETEC has two locations: the main headquarters, that hold the general services and research laboratories and the other, where the flexible pilot plants are located for the scaling of the processes and manufacturing of prototypes and pre-series. Among others, IK4-CIDETEC has one of the most advanced laboratories in Europe for the characterization of materials for energy; a dry room for the assembly of batteries, equipment to synthesize, characterize and process polymers and advanced composites; fully equipped laboratories for the study, characterization and treatment of surfaces, and 150 m2 of classified rooms ready for manufacturing products for the biopharmaceutical sector, according to GMP standards. In all, facilities covering 10,000 m2, fitted with all the equipment and latest technologies that can address the entire value chain from scientific-technological research, to the generation of new knowledge, all the way up to the industrial scale.

Full name of the organization: IK4-CIDETEC
Short name of the organization: IK4-CIDETEC
Address: IK4-CIDETEC, P. Miramon 196, 20009 San Sebastián, SPAIN
Contact person: Eva García
Telephone: +34 943 309022blobid46.png
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