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MAIER is one of the first plastic component supplier with up to 2,000 employees in 8 countries with global sales above 212 M€, being part of the biggest co-operative group in the world (global sales above 13,200 M€ and a workforce above 82,000 employees). MAIER manufactures components for the automotive industry. In Europe, Maier heads, in particular, the development and manufacture of body colour painted front grilles, chromed caps, wheel-trims, wheelcaps and petrol cap lids, as well as producing a wide array of other automotive components and body modules (mudguards, consoles, air vents, fascia, door trims, handles...). MAIER owns plants in Spain, the United Kingdom and Czech Republic, joint ventures in Turkey and Japan, and offices in France, Sweden and Japan, being supplier of plastic components for the most important automotive OEMs (Renault, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Opel, Seat, Citroen, Peugeot, Jaguar, Mercedes, Rover, Suzuki, Volvo, Nissan, Bentley, Skoda, Audi,etc.). Besides, its technical centre with more than 100 employees offers support to OEMs and Equippers.MAIER is an experienced company in designing and development of components (injection, finishing/decoration and assembly); designing and manufacturing of prototype and production moulds; analysis and implementation of industrial facilities; and research, development and innovation. MAIER innovation procedure is always based on quality and accuracy methodologies which have led to more than 20 patents, from 1993, in automotive components and related processes.

Full name of the organization: MAIER S.COOP
Short name of the organization: MAIER
Address: Maier Technology Center S.Coop, Pol Ind Arabieta s/n, 48320 Ajangiz, Bizkaia, Spain
Contact person: Sergio Alaiogoikoa
Telephone: +34 946259265 (ext.9569)
E-mail address: