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Emrah Arica


Emrah Arica


Emrah Arica
Telefon: 900 64 618
Avdeling: Arbeids- og næringsliv
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Managing unforeseen events in production scheduling and control


The production planning and control process is performed within complex and dynamic organizations made up of customer expectations, equipment, materials, people, information, and technologies. Changes in both internal and external factors can create a variety of unforeseen events, which make initial...

Forfattere Arica Emrah Falster Peter Hvolby Hans-Henrik Strandhagen Jan Ola Fraser Kym
År 2016
Type Del av bok/rapport

Strategies for customized shipbuilding with different customer order decoupling points


The ship design and construction industry serves a considerable range of market segments, with different levels of required customization, different demand volumes, and other product and market variations. In order to effectively respond to various market requirements, strategies and related work pr...

Forfattere Semini Marco Haartveit Dag Erik Gotteberg Alfnes Erlend Arica Emrah Brett Per Olaf Strandhagen Jan Ola
År 2014
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon
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