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Marita Wolden


Marita Wolden


Marita Wolden
Telefon: 971 26 751
Avdeling: Flerfasestrømning
Kontorsted: Tiller

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Pressure drop measurements in low liquid loading three-phase flows


At high gas rates, even small amounts of liquid can have a significant impact on the pressure drop, and this is important to model accurately when designing wet gas transport systems. In order to gain an improved understanding of this matter, several sets of two- and three-phase experiments in low l...

Forfattere Kjølaas Jørn Unander Tor Erling Wolden Marita Shmueli Alvarado Andrea Holm Henning
År 2017
Type Del av bok/rapport

Robustness testing of 'Cold Flow'


As presented earlier at the OFCS [1], a specific Cold Flow concept has been developed and tested under high-pressure laboratory conditions, building on the realisation that precipitation phenomena in multiphase production flows may be controlled through use of a recirculation seeding and cooling pro...

Forfattere Larsen Roar Lund Are Hjarbo Kai Wilhelm Wolden Marita
År 2009
Type Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon
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