Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice may form naturally. However, the concept is also associated with a specific approach to facilitate learning and co-development between actors who are rooted in different sectors, cultures and work practices.

In WIDER UPTAKE, Communities of Practice are established both around the demonstration cases and at project level. We will also work systematically to build relations with related projects and initiatives, at national and EU level. The aim of the established communities is to promote water-smart solutions and enable circular economy from water cycle services.

Communities of Practice emphasize the need to build inter-personal relations, trust and understanding over time, in order to bridge boundaries and share explicit as well as more tacit forms of knowledge. This way, they may expand participants' perspectives and provide a basis for innovation and best practice development. The Communities of Practice in WIDER UPTAKE will facilitate industrial symbiosis by coupling actors from different enterprises, enhancing research relevance and involving other stakeholders who may take an active role to promote water smart solutions.

It is an ambition that the communities will live on and have a long-term impact on sustainability transition in the water sector.