Despite our hopes to visit CEA in France during the M42 meeting, the high spread of the Omicron variant and the ongoing uncertainty around the COVID restrictions forced us to hold the meeting again online. We had two half-day sessions on March 16-17, 2022.

On the picture, from top left to right bottom, are Duncan Akporiaye (SINTEF), Wei Zhao and Sadaf Savadkouhi (PDC), Marjut Suomalainen (VTT), Nolven Guilhaume (CNRS), Yves Schuurman (CNRS), Geert Haarlemmer (CEA), Robbie Venderbosch (BTG), William Locatel (CNRS), Hary Demey (CEA) and Jana Chladek (SINTEF) and other partners from CRF, TUW and BTL who have also joined the meeting.

The work package on feedstock supply (WP2) has been now completed and the work package on the primary conversion technologies (WP3) is now from 90 % completed. We have currently a strong focus on the tasks related to upgrading and co-processing activities (WP4) to generate experimental data for the value chain assessment in WP5 and to produce final fuel products for testing in WP6. All the partners are currently busy to complete all the project activities within the project period, a small project extension is under evaluation.