Through the EU's Erasmus+ Programme, we have been lucky to get a master student, Ana Raquel Magalhães Flávio, from Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal.

Raquel joined the project in February 2020 to work on her master thesis which was closely connected to the tasks in WASTE2ROAD, related to waste sorting and feedstock supply for biofuel production. In her thesis entitled, "Organic Waste in Selected Locations in Norway and Portugal – Handling and Treatment", she studied how municipal waste, especially the organic fraction, is collected, sorted and treated in selected locations in Norway and Portugal. Raquel worked closely with the SINTEF – EGE team in Norway over a period of 5 months and finalized her thesis in July 2020. Despite the COVID-19 lock-down, which has forced us all to work from home soon after Raquel arrived to Norway, she has been able to keep her motivation high and delivered good work. Before returning back to Portugal, she had the opportunity to visit EGE's waste sorting plant at Haraldrud in Oslo Municipality. On the photos, Raquel together with Jon Hovland (SINTEF), Kari Anne Sølvernes (EGE) and Marit Soleim (EGE).