The M36 meeting was held online in two half-day sessions on October 7-8, 2021.

On the picture, from top left to right bottom, are Nikolaos Tsakoumis (SINTEF), Wolfgang Vollnhofer (OMV), Jana Chladek (SINTEF), Robbie Venderbosch (BTG), Nolven Guilhaume (CNRS), Tijs Lammens (BTL), Sadaf Savadkouhi (PDC), Christian Lindfors (VTT), Anne Roubaud (CEA), Helene Lutz (TU Wien), Yves Schuurman (CNRS), Hary Demey (CEA), Chetna Mohabeer (CNRS), Mattia Giuliano (CRF), William Locatel (CNRS) and Mieke Nieder-Heitmann (PDC).

CEA has been busy running hydrothermal liquefaction tests with different types of feedstocks and analysing the produced biocrudes. The partners have also made a progress in process modelling of the fast pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction process. In the next 6-month period, we will especially focus on upgrading of the fast pyrolysis oil as well as upgrading of the HTL biocrude and their further processing in FCC and HT units.