Policy instruments that works

VIRKSOMT (an abbreviation for policy instruments that works) is a project cooperation between SINTEF Byggforsk, NTNU and a working group with participants primarily from public entities. See who is participating under the banner «Arbeidsgruppe». The project lasts for 2 years and will end in October 2018. It has received financial support from The Norwegian State Housing Bank.

The aim of the project is to create a higher common knowledge about innovation, market change and incentives linked to the construction and operation of buildings. This should contribute to the realization of national climate change mitigation targets.

To abate climate change a variety of measures are necessary. In the EU Roadmap towards 2050 the building sector is assigned a higher than average climate gas reduction. In Norway, however, the authorities are reluctant to give a clear direction for the long term development. In the project VIRKSOMT the premises for the design and implementation of incentives directed towards the building sector is a core theme. What are the foundations behind the current incentives and what effect can be recognized? And what are the opportunities and potential for improvement?

To involve more people in the discussions there will also be open meetings where relevant issues are discussed. The open meetings are used as a prelude for working group meetings. The working group is essential to the achievement of the project aims. The group, mainly consisting of actors that are developing and/or implementing incentives has regular meetings to discuss and eventually describe how the building sector could contribute in the sustainable transition ahead. The project will produce a report and an article as a minimum