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UbiCompForAll’s logo “funkis”
Following the project philosophy, we have let external end-users compose a logo for the project.

The first interviewee regarding scenarios evaluation was so enthusiastic about the project idea that he draws a logo for the project. Architect, he has found inspiration in the architectural trend functionalism. Functionalism stands for simple, open and flexible design. The logo is called “funkis” (used colloquially in Norway and Sweden for functionalism).
• “funkis” has a soft expression. The circle softens its lines and the colours make it living.
• “funkis” reminds about a brick game for young children, and in that way fosters an association with UbiCompForAll target group (i.e. all users).
•  “funkis” symbolizes well composition: its building blocks that can be composed in multiple patterns.

We simply love it!

Published January 21, 2009

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