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Towards a Web browser-based service composition tool
UbiCompForAll investigates using web-based technology to create a composition tool.

The UbiCompForAll project provides notation and tool support to the end users for creating service compositions. Among other options, we have been working on a tool that runs on web browsers. The advantage of a web browser-based tool is its ability to run on mobile devices supporting various operating systems. It also facilitates using the tool directly from a server even without installing it, in addition to the possibility of easy installation on the user’s device.

Each service is associated with a description corresponding to a meta-model, which works as the basis for the notations and development of all UbiCompForAll composition tools. The browser provides a palette consisting of icons representing all the services available at run-time. The users use that palette to select and configure services in order to create the composition. Data transfer between services is indicated by a connector between them. A single connector is used to handle any number of data dependencies between two services. Based on the service description the editor provides the users the facility to choose the up-to-date data.

The tool is created using the Google Web Toolkit, which is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. It enables productive development of high-performance web applications. Coding can be done in Java and GWT automatically produces the corresponding JavaScripts. GWT is used by many products at Google, including Google Wave and the new version of AdWords. It's open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world.

An initial version of the tool was demonstrated mid-september 2010. A fully-functional prototype supporting the initial simplified composition notation developed in the project, will be available in November 2010. 

Published October 8, 2010

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