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Tellu FindIt project for Telenor Objects
End-user composition of location-based services on Telenor Objects' Shepherd platform.

Tellu was one of two winners in Telenor Objects' FindIt competition, and
was chosen to develop an asset tracking application for the Telenor
Objects' Shepherd platform
. The Shepherd platform collects sensor data
from heterogeneous sources, and makes them available to applications.
Tellu is building the Tellu Asset Service to make use of sensor data
from Shepherd in asset control for businesses and individuals, with
service customization through a web client. Tellu will make use of
the Tellu Asset Service in UbiCompForAll, and conduct research on how
end-users can utilize the platform - what services to compose, and how
it can be done in an end-user friendly way.

Published October 8, 2010

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