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A tailorable City Guide with support for composition
Existing commercial mobile city guide applications do neither support planning city discoveries or creation of tailored itineraries. Furthermore Focus is set on large cities. UbiCompForAll fills the gap and plans to provide a tailorable city guide application.

UbiCompForAll City Guide targets tourist office employees in suggesting places and itineraries in their city, and Visitors, either individuals or groups, in planning a city discovery and getting support during their visit. City Guide is highly tailorable allowing users to add places of interest, create itineraries and schedule visits. The UbiCompForAll composition tool can be invoked from City Guide allowing users to create composed services related to their visit. For instance, a user may compose a service that posts a note on twitter when arriving at a specific point of interest, or a service that, short before noon, looks for restaurants in the neighbourhood, books a table and provides navigation support to get there.

The City Guide will be realised on the Android platform. An initial design of the City Guide is now available. Implementation is planned to start in fall 2010.


Published October 8, 2010

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