Key issues

Industrial Control Systems or "Operational Technologies" (OT) implement key functions in safety-critical industrial and critical infrastructure contexts. Both OT and generic IT systems are exposed to cyberattacks, mercilessly demonstrating a persistent security gap, potentially affecting safety of operation, and ultimately societal safety.

Effective human and organizational contribution to safety and security requires a practice-oriented approach to "work as done", a sociotechnical perspective to unlock the dialectic between "work as done" and "work as imagined", and a sensitivity to technocultural diversities. 

The notion of cyber resilience is increasingly appearing in the research literature, but with a predominant grounding in technical disciplines and corresponding approaches to cyber security.

TECNOCRACI is founded on the belief that the emerging concept of cyber resilience can be primed and developed to meet the challenges in a more human-oriented manner that also meets the need for managerial accountability for the (speed of) digitalization processes. The objective is to develop a supportive, practicable and comprehensive theory of cyber resilience, relevant for current and future challenges of digitalized critical infrastructures.