• Literature review to map the current research, to identify the scope of the TECNOCRACI contribution to the cyber resilience field, and the potentials for systematic literature reviews on specific themes.
  • Careful selection and calibration of empirical case studies (electricity supply, oil and gas, water infrastructure) to guide and support the theory development process
  • Case studies will be both descriptive (related to existing system) and prospective (related to future systems)
  • Case studies will be a main vehicle to address the dialectical relation between "work as imagined" and "work as done"
  • Theory building will be conducted as an abductive research process throughout the whole project; theoretically open and inclusive while sensitized by empirical findings. The project will not aim for a single grand theory of cyber resilience, but will offer a variety of cyber resilience objectives with associated theoretical foundations and practices, applicable in different contexts  
  • Extensive dissemination through, e.g., scientific publications, webinars and an international conference at the end of the project period.