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Features: Dual axis tracking system, PLS controlled 4 rigs which can accommodate 8 PV or PVT modules Individual modules are being measured - I-V characteristics, module temperature, and the actual test conditions are being recorded - Key data like off-load voltage, short circuit current, MPP (maximum power point voltage and current) are being measured Kipp & Zonen Solar radiation measurement - Sun tracker: pyrheliometer (direct solar radiation), 2 pyranometers (global and diffuse solar radiation) - ISET sensor: in-plane solar radiation (mounted with the modules on the back and front side) Metrological station: - Wind speed and direction - Hygro-thermo transmitter - Rain gauge Albedo: - Different underground materials to investigate the impact on bifacial gain Data Center - FTP server and PVanalyzer to collect and store data - Measuring interval 10 s